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14 May 2009

Visit the home of alternative comedy

Though The Comedy Store is named after a comedy club in California, it is a very British institution, has been in existence since it was formed above a Soho strip club in 1979, and is still very much a centre of stand up comedy in the UK.

London is undoubtedly the world capital of stand up, and The Comedy Store became a heart of alternative comedy scene in the 80s and has remained so ever since. Anyone who is anyone in stand up has performed in the comedy store, including Mike Myers, Alexei Sayle, Adrian Edmondson, Ben Elton, The Mighty Boosh, Mark Thomas, Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Rik Mayall, Phil Jupitus, Paul Merton, Keith Allen, and Rich Hall, and hundreds more.

It's home to both the Legendary Comedy Store Players and Cutting Edge, who offer a more satirical slant, though both have changed their line ups as time goes by.

Unlike much of the West End, it's not even prohibitively expensive, though you will generally pay around £15-£20 for a ticket. Nevertheless, it's usually good value, but try not to fall asleep in the midnight as some of your author's friends have been known to do.

For more information, visit http://www.thecomedystore.co.uk.

^Picture from a flickr original courtesy of wonderferret^

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