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13 May 2009

Go shopping in Exmouth Market

Whilst our city is famed for its history, your author, as a relatively new addition to the nation's capital, is sometimes concerned when he learns how new some nice things are. Exmouth Market has only been running a since 2006, and whilst it used to be every Friday and Saturday, Wikipedia tells us that it now runs only weekdays with food stalls running primarily 11-2.

Now that the Guardian has moved to Kings Cross, taking the organic cous-cous eating Guardianistas with it, and it's no longer open when the rest of us have time off, how much longer will it last? Well for now the market is intact, but how can any twee slow-food establishment fare in an economic downturn? We will see.

It will probably be fine. Exmouth Market, has, after all been a market place since the 1890s and is a lovely little street with a range of independent retailers and good bars and pubs.

For more information, visit http://www.exmouth-market.com/.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of Phillie Casablanca^

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