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3 May 2009

Celebrate freedom of speech at Speaker's Corner

Sure, it's full of crazies shouting at you, but you do get to shout back and occasionally someone is actually talking sense.

Sundays in Speakers Corner have been a hotbed for independent thought since the 19th century. Situated on a spot where the Chartists held mass protests against the suppression of worker's rights, including the right of assembly, in 1872 an Act of Parliament allowed Park Authorities the right to permit public gatherings and Speakers’ Corner was born.

Nowadays, it's populated by a mix of political and religious radicals, the unhinged and the odd ordinary person who just likes public speaking, united only by their dedication to standing on step ladders and boxes. It is, however, still an entertaining experience, and is a testament to London's rich history free-thought, and the fact that we, unlike many people in the world, are basically allowed to say whatever we want without fear of being rounded up and shot.

For more information, visit the page on wikipedia here.

Click here to see the location on a map.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of xpgomes2^

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