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30 May 2012

Try star-spotting with the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers

Back in March, your author spent an amazing night star-spotting with the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers, a group of telescope-owners who meet in Regents Park on a week night once a month to stare off into space.

The night in March was fantastically clear and attendees were easily able to see Mars, Venus and Saturn with the naked eye, offering some great views through the telescopes on offer, and admirable amounts of passion and wonder from those in attendance.

The group are set to meet again tonight, with an open invitation, providing the weather is good, to the Hub in Regents Park. If cloudy, they're off to the pub.

For more, see http://www.bakerstreetastro.org.uk/

3 January 2011

Watch for Hawks in Trafalgar Square

Patrolling the area to keep the pigeons at bay since 2003, a pair of Harris Hawks are generally on out and about each day in Trafalgar Square.

They are rather attractive birds, and seem to do the job well, but considering that they have cost up to £78,241 a year, you would expect them to be helpful.

The tourists seem to like them, too, and if they are keeping the sky rats at bay, then this is presumably good, though when your author was younger he always thought that the Square was famed for its pigeons.

For more background, click here or here.

^Picture © Tony Hisgett used under Creative Commons^