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20 October 2014

Buy books at the Barnes Bookshop

Your author is currently in the middle of a month-long stay in West London, where things are different to the real world. Last week, during a trip to Barnes, discoveries included a charity shop where a pair of shoes cost £99, a church which is closed on a Sunday, a very smart looking cinema and the Barnes Bookshop, a small shop owned by Isla Dawes, who also owns bookshops in Kew and Sheen.

The Barnes Bookshop is on two floors with its bright basement a treasure trove for the browser, and plenty of books and gifts on the ground floor for those who don't like stairs.

For more, see http://www.barnesbookshop.co.uk/


  1. Are people still reading books these days, or is everyone moving to kindles and so on? I personally will never move away from books, but I am of a lost generation probably.

    1. They seem to be, Hels, and I think that's a good thing

  2. They seem to be reading books, or they seem to be moving to kindles?? We must know!