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18 December 2013

Sing carols at the Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

When lovely pubs have refurbishments your author often finds it rather troubling, and this was certainly true when he dropped in a couple of weeks ago to the newly reopened Pilot Inn, North Greenwich, and found what was once a comfortable pub with a sense of history had been refurbished as a town centre restaurant. Of course it isn't as bad as all that, and many will like it but the rows of tables marked up for 'diners only' are particularly objectionable.

Having said all this, they are thankfully making some effort to continue to connect with the local community - rather than presumably just trying to attract spill-over from the chain restaurants at the O2 - and tonight the carol singers of Holy Trinity Greenwich Peninsula will be finishing up a singing tour of Greenwich Millennium Village with some singing at the Pilot. Singing will commence around 7.45- 8pm, and begins earlier in the Milennium Village at 7pm.

For more, see http://www.holy-trinity-greenwich-peninsula.org.uk/ (18th December) or http://www.pilotgreenwich.co.uk/

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