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16 December 2013

Eat at the Bonnington Café

Friends have been suggesting to your author that he should eat at the Bonnington Café in Vauxhall for years, and last weekend the opportunity finally arose to pop in for lunch. A budget-friendly vegetarian and vegan restaurant, the Bonnington began life serving those visiting a 1980's squat, but remains today as something of a modern rarity...a squat success story.

Such is its collective nature, the Bonnington Café has no single cook, and meals are prepared by rotating member cooks so it is only possible here to mention the meals produced by one of these. Having said that, the food was excellent and towards the end of the sitting the cook even came out of the kitchen to check diners had enjoyed their meals, which was most engaging and welcome. We are told that other notable details which were not evident on the trip include a fire on a winter night, international cooks who bring their own global cuisines, a bring your own policy and monthly café users group meetings

For more, see http://www.bonningtoncafe.co.uk/

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