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27 July 2013

Visit Lincoln Cathedral

One of the finest Gothic buildings in Europe and claimed by some to have been the tallest building in the World for more than 200 years until the spire blew down in 1549, Lincoln Cathedral was begun in 1088 and consecrated in 1092, though the towers were not raised to their full height until the 14th century.

The Cathedral was commissioned by William the Conqueror, said to have been a result of his desire to place his Norman stamp on Anglo Saxon Lincoln, and few can doubt he managed to do that. Today, apart from its grand architecture, the Cathedral is known for its rose windows, its library and its fascinating history.

For more, see http://lincolncathedral.com/

^Picture © brett jordan used under a Creative Commons license^

1 comment:

  1. Two things strike me as incredible. Firstly that the Normans were barely off the boats yet by 1088 they were already planning and executing this huge and complex building when they might have had other, more pressing priorities.

    Secondly the core of the cathedral was built fairly quickly, suggesting the Normans threw endless resources into this project. They did well. Even with later changes, Lincoln still looks fantastic.