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29 July 2013

Take a boat on the Ouse in York

A beautiful city from most angles, York is especially enchanting from the river, a fact not missed by the people from York Boat, who offer regular trips on their riverboat all year round, floods permitting. However, your author is someone who prefers a more do-it-yourself experience, and is therefore particularly attracted to the smaller Red Boats which can be hired by the hour - or half hour - putting users in control of their own smaller motor launch.

A full safety briefing is given but here the River Ouse is fairly peaceful and as there are only really two directions in which to travel and no way to get lost it is usually a fairly simple process. For those who are feeling even less adventurous the larger cruise boats offer a bar, explanation of different landmarks and ample opportunities to wave at people on the shore.

For more, see http://www.yorkboat.co.uk/shop/red-boats-2013/

^Picture © stephen bowler used under a Creative Commons license^

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