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27 June 2013

Have a break

Your author hasn't had a day's break from blogging since January 2009, when this website began posting things to do in London, and ahead of the build up to publication of the new book, 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen: A year of things to see and do in England' on 18th July, the time has come to cut the internet wires for a few days away and head for the musical fields of Somerset.

The blog will be back on Monday, with a brief change in brand and theme, as we take a some summer weeks to explore interesting corners of England, once again temporarily becoming a 'things to do see and do in England' website. But now for some blog-free festivaling.

For more on the new book, see http://www.tiredoflondontiredoflife.com/p/bookshop.html


  1. Well done, and congratulations!

    I hope to see this in as many bookshops as I see your first volume.

  2. I love your blog, nice post, i wish you good luck.