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1 May 2013

Mark International Workers Day

The first of May has been celebrated as International Workers Day since the 1880s, when it was first established to commemorate the Haymarket affair which occurred following a strike in Chicago. Though the struggle for workers rights has thankfully moved on a great deal since Victorian Britain, many still march in solidarity with workers around the world.

Today, a march meets at Clerkenwell Green around noon, leaving for Trafalgar Square around 1pm. Though numbers are no longer as high as they were when many marched (and more) with vigour it in the late 1990s, there will still be a rally featuring the ancient tradition of a speech from Tony Benn, which has been part of International Workers Day in London for roughly centuries.

For more, see http://www.londonmayday.org/docs/MayDayA4flyer2013-v2.pdf

^Picture © Trowbridge Estate used under a Creative Commons license^

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