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4 May 2013

Attend the Canalway Cavalcade

The annual Canalway Cavalcade begins at Little Venice today, with a collection of boats having made their way there over recent days for an event that runs until Monday, and which we are told this year features floating events and competitions, guided walks, boat trips by various operators, food stalls, a licensed bar, a trade and craft show, music, theatre, puppets, kayaking and a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

Nowadays, these sorts of events need a specific theme - often thought up by a lot of earnest people sitting around a table for a long time - and we are told that this year's is 'Celebrating London’s Waterways*' (the star seems important), which your author is pretty sure it has been doing since its inception in 1983. Nevertheless, it's a great event, now part of a series of events organised by the Inland Waterways Association.

For more, see https://www.waterways.org.uk/iwa/calendar/event/view?id=418

^Picture © Krypto used under a Creative Commons license^

1 comment:

  1. Always a good event - I had hoped to take our boat there but unfortunately the canal we are moored on (The Slough Arm - how can you resist not going there now) is blocked by a falling down bridge. So Cavalcade was 10 boats short including a few that had booked to take part in the illuminated boat parade.