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11 February 2013

Rather English - Visit the Lowry

Named after the Stretford-born painter L.S. Lowry, famous for his industrial landscapes, The Lowry opened its doors at Salford Quays in Manchester in October 2000, and contains an art gallery, two theatres and a drama studio, with a regular programme of shows.

The galleries display a range of art, with a particular focus on the paintings of Lowry of which there are around 400. The building itself is also considered to be something of a work of art, designed by James Stirling and Michael Wilford and is said to resemble a ship, fitting as it stands beside the Manchester Ship Canal.

For more, see http://www.thelowry.com/

^Picture © Bernt Rostad used under a Creative Commons license^

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  1. Love it :) Where were most Lowry paintings, at least those recorded in collections, held before this new gallery was opened in 2000? Was the ship-shaped gallery on the canal specially designed for Lowry paintings?

  2. How long do you think you'll be posting the Rather English stuff here? I'd rather not take your site out of my RSS feeder, but as I'm only interested in actual London-based TOLTOL content, I can't work out if it's still worth following or not...

  3. I hope to be able to do that as soon as possible, but it relies on factors beyond my control. I'd just remove it if I were you.