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27 February 2013

Eat at London's Kitchen Cafe

Your author hadn't realised until he was recently in the area seeking nourishment, but down in the basement of City Hall, on the South Bank near Tower Bridge, the cafeteria known as London's Kitchen Cafe is open to allcomers on weekdays, and sells reasonably-priced dishes to anyone who can make it through security.

It seems that not many others have noticed either, for when your author popped in to enjoy soup and a roll for under £1.50 he found the tables populated almost entirely by City Hall types conducting lengthy and dry-sounding meetings on various topics as tourists tried and failed to enter through the glass doors of The Scoop. Those wanting to gain access need to enter at the front of the hall via a security screening and descend along one of the curvy ramps towards the cafe.

For details, see http://www.london.gov.uk/city-hall/visitor-information/londons-kitchen

^Picture © Oliver Dixon used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. City Hall types? Is that a sign that the food will be good? Or at least value for money?

  2. That isn't necessarily a sign that the food will be good, but it is anyway!