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20 January 2013

Rather English - Walk the Boudicca Way

Lovely weather for an East Anglian walk, and if you're looking for one, the Boudicca Way is an interesting trail through 36 miles of rural Norfolk between Diss and Norwich, named after the Queen of the Iceni, who led an uprising against the Romans in this part of the world. Helpfully connected to railway stations at both ends, and with occasional buses (though possibly not on snowy Sundays) connecting some places along the route, it's a pretty part of the world, ripe for esxploring.

Your author hasn't walked the whole route, but certainly enjoyed the area between Diss and Pulham Market when he visited, with sleepy lanes around Frenze, Shipling and Dickleburgh a pleasant place to be, though the walk would definitely be a bit too much to make in one day.

^Picture © Keith Evans used under a Creative Commons license^

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