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31 January 2013

Rather English - Visit the Beamish Open Air Museum

Established in 1970, the Beamish Open Air Museum covers life in the North of England during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods and attracts more than quarter of a million visitors each year.

The museum does this through a recreation of the industrial town and a colliery village, including a station and farm complex, and an extensive collection of objects, photographs and oral history from the periods in question.

For more, see http://www.beamish.org.uk/

^Picture © Paul Trafford used under a Creative Commons license^

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1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of a working museum, instead of artificially located artefacts in sealed cabinets. Especially in an area that was so important agriculturally and industrially. That said, I must admit that I have spent less time in the NE than in other regions.

    When did the trams start to work? And when did they cease operation?