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3 May 2012


Unlike most, your author is a fan of good politicians, and has once again been genuinely impressed with the candidates on offer in the Mayoral elections and believes that any of the front-runners, and maybe even a couple of the back-runners, would do a good job at it.

So today is your opportunity to choose, and it's also a great opportunity to visit your local town hall, school or community centre and feel part of the democratic process. Then, tomorrow after work, if you are so inclined you can sit back with a beer and find out who stuff in our city is going to be alliteratively named after for the next four years.

For more, see http://www.londonelects.org.uk/

^Picture © MattfromLondon of Londonist, used under Creative Commons^


  1. Any chance they'll be handing out those inspired knitted candidates at the polling station?!

  2. This cheered me up, thanks for this knitted image :)