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14 February 2012

Have lunch at Tachbrook Street Market

Work lunchtimes can be grim affairs, with pre-packaged sandwiches a marker of misery for many, but for those working in and around Victoria and Pimlico who want more from life, Tachbrook Street Market is a great place to start, packed with interesting and affordable stalls covering a number of cuisines.

The street itself is packed with a number of interesting shops, and is at the heart of a thriving community just five minutes from Victoria, making it a great alternative to the supermarkets and canteens of many lunchtimes.

For more, see http://www.westminsterartisans.co.uk/


  1. This market is lame. They don't got Pad Thai no more.

    1. They do, I was just there and there was Pad Thai, it must have made a comeback