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13 February 2012

Cross Hammersmith Bridge

Connecting Hammersmith to Barnes in South West London, Hammersmith was the site of the first suspension bridge over the Thames, though the current bridge - known for its green and gold colour scheme - is the second on the site, constructed in 1887 to designs by famous sewer architect Joseph Bazalgette.

Having survived bombing by the Real IRA in 2000, the bridge renovated, and then was awarded Grade II* listed status in 2008 and is an important landmark for those watching or participating in an annual boat race between two universities from Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other rowing races.

For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammersmith_Bridge


  1. My Grandmother was born a few blocks from there, about 100 years ago.

  2. Interesting blog! Learn something new everyday.

  3. Didn't realize that this was the site of the first suspension bridge over the river. Good fact finding :)

  4. I used to work not far from here, at Chelsey Bridge Wharf. I actually thought Tower Bridge was older than this?