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12 September 2014

Sit in Hilly Fields Stone Circle

Found just south of the top of Hilly Fields, Brockley's green hill which rises 175 feet above sea level, the Hilly Fields Stones are not an ancient stone circle, placed as they by The Brockley Society to celebrate the millennium and create a sundial for the park.

Brockley Central tells us that the twelve 400-million-year-old granite boulders were brought from Mount Struie, near Inverness and the two taller stones are known as St Norbert’s Gate are cut from Caithness flagstone, quarried close to Wick in Scotland's far north, as is the circle's central horizontal flagstone.

For more, see http://brockleycentral.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/a-history-of-brockley-part-9-hilly.html

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