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28 November 2013

Get lost at sea at the National Maritime Museum

Particularly observant readers might have noted that, in an error almost as bad as the time this website declared St Patrick's Day in February, this time last week your author incorrectly announced a late opening at the National Maritime Museum, 'Lost at Sea', which actually takes place tonight. Any frustration felt by readers surely pales in comparison to the embarrassment felt when your author showed up at the museum door having decided to drag along someone he hardly knows, only to be told 'sorry that's next week'.

Having said that the staff at the museum were, as always, very friendly and helpful, and tonight the event (almost certainly) actually takes place. As noted last week it's hard not to be impressed by what's on offer. Not only is Lost at Sea free, but they're is cabaret with Shore Leave, ceilidh music with the Ceilidh Liberation Front, a mini literature festival with Shorelines and plenty of rum.

As if that weren't already more than you could fit into a Thursday evening Matt Brown from Londonist is doing a pub quiz - enough on its own to show up and pay a few quid for - there's music from the Fishwives Ensemble and Cecil Sharp House Choir, there's music and art inspired by the sea, and even more. It's basically unmissable.

For full details, and to book your ticket, see http://www.rmg.co.uk/whats-on/events/calendar/lost-at-sea

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