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5 September 2012

Visit the Invisible Picture Palace

As with all the best finds, your author stumbled across the Invisible Picture Palace - in a greenhouse outside the Wapping Project - just after leaving a good pub. In this case, it was the Prospect Of Whitby, over the road, which was good preparation for a warm welcome from the two staff who had recently taken over the greenhouse previously operated by the Wapping Project Bookshop.

An interesting if presumably-not-that-profitable venture, the Invisible Picture Palace bills itself as "London’s only record store that sells stories and soundscapes instead of albums". It also hosts workshops and listening events based around a similar theme, with support from a group calling themselves In The Dark who seem to have a focus on spoken word radio.

It all seems a bit confusing but they seemed perfectly nice, so can probably explain it to you. For more, see http://invisiblepicturepalace.com/

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