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30 December 2008

See London's underwhelming Roman Amphitheatre

Deep beneath the Guildhall Art Gallery there are a series of small walls which form part of a semi-circle.

These are the remains of Roman London's Amphitheatre, discovered during excavations beneath the Guildhall in 1988, and included in the new art gallery when it reopened in 1999 (having been closed since it was bombed out in 1941).

To be honest the whole experience is rather underwhelming, but nevertheless it is part of London's history and it is a reminder of how our city has changed.

It's open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat and 12-4pm on Sundays. Entrance is included in the price of the art gallery at a very acceptable £2.50, and it's free if you can prove you live or work in the City of London. For more information click here.

^Picture from flickr courtesy of Kevan^


  1. Do you also know about the equally underwhelming "Roman" baths off the Strand?

  2. Yes I have also been to see the "Roman Bath" - no one is sure if it is really "Roman" but its precise history isn't really known. There is a sign up there with more details and some references to the bath in literature. It is still worth a quick visit if you are in the area, another of London's oddities to tick off the list. The window had a lot of condensation and even with the light on it was hard to see much. Apparently you can visit inside if you arrange it in advance.