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11 August 2015

See Carsten Höller's Decision

Your author faced various quandaries at Belgian installationist Carsten Höller's latest exhibition, Decision at the Hayward Gallery, and at least three of them were about whether it was worth doing all that queueing for whatever art was at the end. Such is Sunday afternoon on the South Bank, but for those with the time and inclination to go on a weekday lunchtime, this is certain to be less of an issue.

There were also some learning experiences on offer. Visitors may find themselves surprisingly easy goaded into taking and swallowing a pill from a big pile, positively indifferent about a big aphid on a wall and thoroughly interested in the music scene in the Congolese capital Kinshasa, such is the diversity of works on offer. Most of all, however, visitors will discover that all exhibitions are best exited by slide, though even when they are the gifty is still mandatory.

For more, see http://carstenholler.southbankcentre.co.uk/